February 12, 2016

A Day to Remember!

How much fun was today? Can I go all Elizabeth on you and say "Let me count the ways"?  You need to hum this song while you read this post.  

We celebrated Valentine's Day in the morning and the 100th Day in the afternoon and it was an absolutely fantastic day! 
Thank you so much to parents and families for helping to make the 100th day t-shirt project such a tremendous success. Talk about creativity! God bless all the parents who cut out pucks, sewed on buttons and burned finger tips on glue guns...you deserve a big hug and a big glass of something this weekend. 

Here's the breakdown of our day:
We started the day as we always do, with Morning Message. Today though, was a wee bit different. We did this cute activity where you draw a "Love Bug" based on your preference in each of the photos below. 

So if you liked photo "A", you'd draw a large circle for your Love Bug's head. Prefer option "B"? You need to draw yourself a rectangle.  And on and on we went. After the bugs were drawn, we set down our markers and walked around the room for a tour de cuteness.  Check out the video after the photos.  Let's try not to notice how many times I say "Oh my goodness." #findanewcatchphraselady

Prefer cookie A? Give your Love Bug one big eye. Cookie B? Two eyes...
this continued until we had drawn our own unique LBs. 

After recess, it was time to hand out the Valentines. This never gets old and any teacher that tells you it's no big deal is a big 'ol liar. I've been teaching for about 18 or so years and this particular activity is probably my favourite event of the year. Watching kids deliver their Valentines to each other is THEE cutest thing you can possibly imagine. 

After the delivery of the mail, it was on to preferred activity time, which amounted to about three seconds, because the kids were so busy devouring their cards and goodies.  

Then the party punch. You want to captivate a group of kids? Make them punch. They were absolutely mezmerized by this process. I'm proud to report that once again my party punch was a hit.  In fact, (and I'm full-on bragging here) it was, according to one awesome-blossom, "The greatest thing I've ever tasted."  

After lunch, we moved on to the 100th day games. We played a bunch of minute-to-win-it games that were adapted to 100 seconds or in some cases, 25 seconds (we're all about quarters next week, so this was very timely).  

The games were a hit!  These kids know how to have fun, that's for sure.  

Then we watched a how-much-cuteness-can-you-take video called "Hoppy the Deer" about a fawn that finds his way to the front porch of a couple from Quebec a few years ago. It's a really heart-warming story about caring for all of God's creatures, and was absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. 

We ended the day with the story of my first marriage. It was 1978. I was six. He wore overalls and black Converse. We were married by another six-year old. We high-fived instead of kissing...'cause that's gross.  

So there you have it! Today is always one of my favourite days of the year, and my hope is that all the boys and girls in my class had a day they too will remember for years to come!


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