February 17, 2016

But how do you know?

We had a Math quiz similar to the one pictured below last week and talked about that part of the problem that asks: How do you know? 

Ignore the date on the quiz,  this is 2015's copy pictured. 

We talked about how challenging (and sometimes frustrating) it can be to have to explain your thinking (I call it EYT for short). I explained to the kids that it's really not enough to say things like, "I know I'm right because I did it in my head" and at the same time, you can't launch into a super-long story about things. One has to be precise and intentional with their words. One has to tell a story, without "telling a story". 

Explaining your thinking it tough! It has to be detailed AND make sense to other readers. Not an easy task for anyone, but we're getting there!  And the best way to get there is through lots and lots of practice! 

So keep your eyes and ears open for lots of talk about "EYT-ing"! 


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