February 17, 2016

Meet a new friend!

This is Pete the Polar Bear. He's pretty cute isn't he? He's been the main character in a few stories I've written for my students over the course of the year.  He's drawn by a clipart company named Scrappin' Doodles, but I've given him his little (big!) personality.  

Here's the low-down on Pete: 

  • He's in Kindergarten.
  • He's really, really funny. 
  • He is in love with a classmate named Pammy.
  • He loves Lucky Charms.
  • He tells stories very quickly. 
  • He likes to say things like, "Do you know how I could solve the problem? I will tell you how I can solve the problem right now." 
  • His big brother is Poppy.
  • Did I mention he loves Pammy?
We had a Christmas story with Pete and today, we wrapped up his Valentine story. The story is presented on the Smartboard and each day we read a few pages aloud. The goal is for each child to read a little bit each day.  

Well, today was the conclusion of the story.  When it looked like Pete wasn't going to be able to give Pammy her Valentine (a brown one with hockey pucks glued on it, because she plays hockey) because she was sick, all the boys and girls were stunned this morning when they came to the part of the story where the doorbell rang and sure enough...it was Pammy!  

Their reaction was just so precious and hilarious, I had to ask them to recreate it so we could share it here on the blog. The video also gives you a bit of an idea as to how this story has been presented over the last few weeks.  The entire story-reading process has been exactly as you'll hear in this video. It's been an absolute riot starting each morning with a little dose of Pete. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this video is no exaggeration.  We really do have this much fun! 

Thank you to Christina, who made me this
Pete-inspired Valentine! 


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