March 07, 2016

What are Brag Tags?

There was a major announcement in Room 208 this morning! I mean MAJOR!!! 
I told my class all about a new class initiative. Starting this week, the boys and girls will be recognized for their great behaviour, hard work, and all kinds of other achievements by receiving Brag Tags! 

Each child received a personalized lanyard this morning and their very first Brag Tag, which was to recognize a milestone from a few weeks ago: the 100th day of school!  

Starting this week, I'll award Brag Tags on the regular for a variety of reasons including: 

  • neat printing
  • fluent reading
  • class leadership
  • great problem solving skills in Math
  • Math-fact mastery
  • good citizenship 
  • high quality homework completion
  • and the list goes on and on! 
I want this initiative to help all students in my room feel recognized for the great things they do and the hard work they put into their jobs as grade three students. 

I'm also hoping it will help my students to further develop their leadership skills and motivate them to work on any goals they might have for themselves (e.g. "I'd like to read more fluently" or "My goal is to memorize my times-tables").

There were lots and lots of questions about all the different Brag Tags that are available (basically, the options are unlimited since I'm creating them myself!).  I assured my students that the tags and lanyards are theirs to keep and they will not be going home until June.  If the lanyard is lost, students understand their name tag and lanyard itself will be replaced, by their tags will not...responsibility is the name of the game here! 

The reaction of the class to Brag Tags was really heart-warming. This is such a great community-building activity and I just know it will be a treasured souvenir for my students to enjoy for years to come! 


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