April 06, 2016

Radu's Problem (Wednesday Workshop)

We had another Wednesday Workshop yesterday. We focused on responding to multiple choice questions and reading response questions where students must use evidence from the text (I refer to them as RRWEs). In some cases, students must also use their own ideas in addition to the evidence from the text (I refer to them as RRWEPs-the "P" is for plus information).

I've selected a tricky reading activity from the 2008 EQAO Assessment. The story is called "The Snowman" (see link to document below) and the questions posed are excellent. Students must use their higher level thinking skills to respond them. These are definitely "thick" questions.  

Our Wednesday Workshop will extend into Thursday so we can invest the time required to solve what we call "Radu Problems" (problems where you have to give a gist answer). Radu was a character in the story and it was thanks to his quick-thinking skills that the problem was solved. 

Have a look at the photos below. These are the slides/charts I've shared with the boys and girls to help explain gist answers. 

Providing a gist answer really develops the type of critical thinking skills that are especially useful in future grades.  This is an area we will focus on for the rest of the year.
The Snowman (click here)


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