April 01, 2016

Your Friday funny...

It poured rain all day Thursday, which meant indoor recess. During lunch recess, a student, let's call him, "Mr. D" wanted to organize a game on the carpet called "Zip, Zap, Zop". It's a really fun game that we played a few times at the start of the year.  

After the group was assembled, they started the game. It's an elimination game and those kind of games can be hard for some children.  So they decided to have several (and I mean several) practice rounds. 

Then it was time to start the game officially. The squeals of delight that came from this group were, in my opinion, more fun than the game itself.  

I was minding my own business doing something, but listening to the fun they were having was just the sweetest noise.  

Finally I decided to get out the camera and share it with you. What you see/hear in the video (special filter applied to protect the face that pops in the screen) is precisely what was happening all recess long. The kids didn't amp it up for the camera in any capacity. Listen to their laughter and how sweet they are to each other as they play this 100%-not-organized/directed/controlled-by-a-grown-up game. 

I hear our weather is set to take a cold, cold turn, but this little video will certainly warm your heart and put a smile on your face!  


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