May 19, 2016

A homework "heads-up"

The boys and girls were assigned a larger-than-usual homework assignment back on Tuesday and it's due Friday. We've talked a lot recently about how the expectations for homework are the very same expectations we have for in-class work.  In fact, we've talked about how the expectations are almost higher for homework because it becomes an opportunity for students to really show-off all they know and are learning about the lessons covered in class and their own work-ethic.  

To help make this an exceptionally positive experience for my students, I am respectfully asking parents to review the homework assignment and the checklist with their child to be sure it is indeed their best work. This is a great opportunity for parents to reiterate the messages I've been working to instill in my students all year long with respect to personal responsibilities and quality of work.  I don't mind if answers are incorrect, what I look for is that the child's work reflects their best effort and the checklist itself has been completed honestly and thoroughly.  


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