May 29, 2016

Your Sunday funnies...

I really think teaching is the best job in the world. Like any job, teachers work hard and there's plenty of stress, but unlike a lot of jobs, we also have a lot of light moments in our day.  When you're surrounded by people with no filter all day long you're exposed to some great comedy. 

This was one such moment from last week: 

Me:  Hey, Kid A, that's quite the wall you're building on your desk with your erasers there.

Kid B: You mean a wall like Trump's?

Me: Kid B, how do you know about Donald Trump?

Kid B: I don't know. I  know he wants to build a big wall and make Mexico pay for it. 

Kid C (who is across the room, hollers): I wish Obama could be President forever.  That guy's alright.

Me: Where am I??? Kid A, please put all those erasers away.

Kid A: Okay Mrs. M.  But Trump can't win, that'll be a disaster. 

Kid C: (who is still across the room).  I really like Obama. Too bad you can only be President for two terms.  

Me:  Everyone, books out. Time to read. You folks are really something. 

Kid B: Thanks Mrs. M.  


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