June 15, 2016

That was so fun! And how to buy the dvd!

Tuesday night was so much fun! 
Thank you parents for supporting the school play! The kids were so excited upon their arrival and didn't they look positively adorable as they performed? Would you believe we've been practicing that routine since February?  To see it all come together so beautifully was really touching. 

I especially enjoyed seeing how our dance fit into the play overall. It was so fun seeing how the main cast interacted with my students on stage. 

After our dance number, we all returned to the classroom to enjoy some preferred activity time while watching the movie itself! Thank you to Miss Sarah for sharing it with us!  

Then, just before it was time to return to the stage for our bow, we had a real "Evening Meeting"! We usually do this every afternoon, but this was the first time we'd ever had a true "evening" meeting! We gave out brag tags and talked about how wonderful the entire process had been. It was neat to hear how some of the kids didn't want the night to end; they wanted it to go on and on. Other kids want to take dancing/acting lessons and other kids are just plain relieved it's done! 

Thank you parents for your help with costumes and drop offs and pick-ups. The evening was a huge success and I sincerely appreciate your support!   

If you would like to order a dvd of the performance, here are the details: 

  • you must order your dvd online
  • sales will take place from June 10-June 17
  • late orders after June 17 will not be accepted 
  • you will need to order Cast A, B, or C when purchasing online (we were cast B) 
  • copies of the dvd are $5.00 
  • orders can be placed at https://hcdsb.schoolcashonline.com/Home/SignIn


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