September 24, 2018

What do you infer?

Last week, we began our discussion about how good readers infer. 

We explain it to students by telling them that inferring means we read between the lines. We understand the implied message by using two things: 
  • our own prior or background knowledge of the subject (our schema) 
  • the clues the author has provided in the text or pictures 
I'm looking forward to reading the boys and girls this simple, but funny story called, I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. It usually takes a moment at the end, but the kids soon infer just what happened to the rabbit in the story. 

I found this funny photo online a few years ago. I'll show it to the class later this week and ask, "What do you infer?" 

Now, if you have never had or heard of pumpkin-pie, an inference would be hard here but if you have enjoyed making or eating pumpkin-pie, you likely know exactly why Senor Pumpkin looks a little concerned.  

Please review this photo with your child and discuss the two factors that help us to infer messages in what we read and view.



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