September 11, 2017

What's a whisper-phone?

Well they're just the greatest thing ever! Sure, I could have bought them from some fancy-dancy school supply website, but when your Valentine happens to be a handy feller, you get a class-set for less than latte (say that five times fast!)!  

A little ABS pipe and elbows (did I get that right, dear?) and we're talking greatest classroom tool ever. 

A whisper-phone is just that. It looks like a phone and when you whisper into it, you can hear yourself. Students can monitor their own reading fluency and proofread their work to see if it "sounds right". The boys and girls will be asked to read all their work into a whisper-phone prior to handing it in. It's such an effective tool because children can hear themselves read without disturbing others.  They also help students who are reluctant to read aloud to the class develop their confidence.  

Each student in my class has one in their desk and they are welcome to not only use them to proofread their own writing, but during any reading opportunities throughout the day. 


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