November 24, 2016

A most lively discussion!

Oh you missed a good one! 
On Wednesday morning, we started our Social Studies lesson with a look at jobs in Ontario. We talked about our region of the province and how we have many manufacturing and farming jobs. After looking at why this is so, we somehow really focused in on manufacturing. 

Students were wondering why clothes and toys aren't produced here in to the same capacity as items related to the auto industry. 

When one child pointed out that they always notice how their toys and other items say "Made in China", we talked about wages and working conditions.  

And then off we went.  It was a really, really meaningful class discussion. Hearing the boys and girls' opinions and ideas for how to improve working conditions for others and the importance of paying people a fair wage was very touching and inspiring. 

As a teacher, you usually know where your lesson is going to start and end.  For the most part, things go as planned.  On Wednesday, we went in a TOTALLY different direction and I loved it!  

It was such an authentic conversation about how my students perceive the world and what they can do to make a difference. Our Focus on Faith theme is "Community and the common good" and it's a perfect theme for this age group. I've often said children in grade three are all about what is good and just and our talk on Wednesday truly confirmed this for me.  

I'm looking forward to more of my lessons going "off the rails" in the future! 


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