November 16, 2016

Let's talk strategies!

We're moving on from rounding numbers and on to greater than/less than this week.  But before we move on, it's a good idea for students to revisit some basics.  We're continuing to practice addition and subtraction as part of our morning work because it really is the foundation for almost the entire grade three Math program. Sure, students will learn multiplication and division, but they won't do nearly as much work with those operations as they will with addition and subtraction. And really, how effectively can you multiply and divide if you are struggling with addition and subtraction? 

I have created these two videos to assist parents and students with grade-appropriate strategies for adding and subtracting. Parents can watch and learn exactly how multi-digit addition and subtraction is taught in my room and students can watch and get the extra review they might need. 

In the videos, I talk about the direction we want students going in terms of their number sense skills, but what I want viewers to keep in mind is that students move at their own pace, and as long as there's progress, we're happy.  So even though I mention in the videos that we want students moving away from certain strategies, if that's what's working for some students, then we need to respect that, all while giving them that positive pressure toward more grade appropriate strategies and that might not come until later in the year, and that's a-okay.  

In other words, when it comes to number sense and problem solving, it's like jumping off the high diving board, some folks (not this gal, btw)  just climb that ladder and leap, while others need a few practices on the shorter board and work up to the big board. Respecting the individual's own learning needs is key because this is all a process.     

So here we go...two videos, one way longer than the other, but I hope equally helpful.  They're no frills, but heavy on information, so pour yourself a cup of coffee, maybe grab a notepad and settle in. It won't win any awards, but I do hope it gives you a bit of a peek into how we roll in grade three math.  

Here's the link to the 120s chart I mention in the first video.  
Printable 120s chart (click here) 


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