November 22, 2016

Mrs. M, what's an MRE?

It was a super-fast research session and the kids did a great job! On Monday, I read the kids the story called "Hero Dad" by Melinda Hardin.  I ordered it, hoping to read it before Remembrance Day, but it arrived a little late.  

In the story, the boy describes how his father is a real-life superhero as an American soldier.  He talks about how his dad eats MREs as a soldier. 

Well, that begged a great question! I booked the iPads for a period this morning and off they went to research! It was a super-brief research session, but it was lots of fun watching everyone work away to learn more about this most essential item for every soldier! After about ten or so minutes, we gathered back at the carpet to share our findings.  Drawings, bullet point notes and even prices: these kids really know how to find an answer!  


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