December 04, 2016

A very cozy Fun Friday!

Friday was snow much fun! I think it was my most favorite Fun Friday so far! It was such a sweet and cozy day and I'd love to tell you all about it. Everyone wore their jammies to school and I'm starting a campaign to make every Friday pajama day! 😆 #newcasualfridayidea

With our classroom decorated for Christmas, it only seemed right to kick off the season with a theme day! 

We started the day with a great story and a "craftivity". We read "The Gingerbread Man Loose at Christmas" and then started work on our own little Gingerbread Man. The kids will do the writing part (that white heart you see on his tummy) later next week.  

I started the hot chocolate while the kids were out at lunch recess and it was such a hit! While we waited for it to cool down, we had two super-fun activities to do!  

The first activity was a real team-builder. The kids were given a small amount of masking tape and just one sheet of construction paper. Their job was to build the longest possible paper chain. It was so fun watching them all work together with their elbow partners on this project.  I loved listening to all their strategies and ideas! 

After the paper-chain activity, the kids had a new challenge. They used Lucky Charms as their "markers" and they had to solve the "Pyramid Jump Game".  It was a another hit!  They could work with partners, or on their own. We used Lucky Charms cereal because we're reading a story right now about a polar bear who loves them!  

Somewhere around this time, we had our hot-chocolate.  
As Goldilocks would say, it wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold. It was juuuuust right! 

After that, it was time to relax and enjoy some quiet time together. We watched an adorable modern day version of the Christmas story.  We were going to have our gingerbread cookies but all of us agreed that with bellies full of hot-chocolate and cereal, it might be best to wait 'til next week.  

As you can see, it was such a sweet and cozy time.  These last photos are my favorite. They make my teacher heart so full and proud.  Thank you to all the boys and girls for a great day! I hope it's one you will never forget! 

Photo above displayed with parental permission. 


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