December 22, 2016

Two very special guests!

We had two special guests visit our room today! In grade three, we talk a lot about making our community a better place.  We are learning that we all have a role to play in contributing to the common good.  Today we welcomed sisters, Miss Sarah and Miss Jessica to our room to share with us how they make a difference in our community. 

Miss Sarah told us all about her work as a nurse in a local nursing home and Miss Jessica explained how she coordinates hockey tournaments and brought an *extra special* trophy with her to show the boys and girls! Miss Jessica was also kind enough to leave each child with a special gift to remember this special visit.  

As we welcomed guests to our own little community, the boys and girls showed a great deal of respect, courtesy and active listening to our guests! They asked thoughtful questions and listened carefully to the response. 

I would say this afternoon was a win for everyone because my students were able to meet two very important members of the community and our guests got to know the nicest group of children a teacher could ask for!  


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