January 31, 2017

Tuesday's Math Lesson

Once again, for Math, the boys and girls are going to work with their elbow partners to find their way to the blog and use this graph below to answer some data-related questions. We've been talking about the parts of a graph and how organization and presentation is key. 

When the boys and girls first viewed the graph below it was missing quite a bit of information and as a result, it was kind of useless. After we "put it back together" we were able to draw many conclusions.  

Boys and girls, here are the questions we need to answer today: 
  1. How many more girls want to be a cheese tester than boys?
  2. Why do you think more teachers want to be a professional sleeper for a day?
  3. How many people altogether voted for puppy player?
  4. The data for how many girls voted to be a ninja for a day is missing.  If 22 people voted altogether for ninja, how many are girls?  


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