May 09, 2017

Smokey Night by Eve Bunting

Since Christmas, we've had an ongoing discussion about the Civil Rights movement and how, in order to build community, we must respect the rights, religion, culture and dignity of all members of society. 

To keep our conversation going, and to assist the boys and girls in understanding what we mean by text-to-world connections (the hardest one to teach, in my opinion), I read my students Smokey Night by Eve Bunting last week. 

Eve Bunting is known for writing children's stories based on read-world events, making her books a perfect fit for teachers looking to explore text-to-world connections with their students. 

Smokey Night takes place during the riots in Los Angeles in 1992.  We talked briefly about how and why the riots started without going into too many inappropriate-for-their-age details.  

We talked about how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led people to demonstrate peacefully and we wondered what he would have thought of the riots.  

It was a very lively discussion and students had all kinds of questions and comments. We talk a lot about how good writing evokes a response from the reader and we all agreed that once again, Eve Bunting had got us thinking, taking and questioning. We agreed that she had indeed evoked a response from us all. 


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