June 28, 2017

Thank you

Your manners.
A sense of humour.
A kind heart. 

Way back in September, on the very first day of school, students learned about the three things they need to bring to school each day, and they never failed to fulfill this responsibility. 

My students are exceptionally polite, they have a great sense of humour and they are among the most compassionate students I've ever met.  

We've had a wonderful year together haven't we? It's been truly a pleasure to teach this group of children and I will treasure my time with them always.  

From making applesauce to the hundredth day of school, from math songs to rescuing a gummy worm from peril, we have shared in so many wonderful times.  We had lots and lots of Fun Fridays, but if we're being honest, everyday was fun, even when we were just reading together or simply getting to know each other.  

Have you seen the collection of Brag Tags the kids brought home last week?  Really look at those.  They speak to our year together. They speak to the reasons saying goodbye is so hard.  

Thank you to all the boys and girls in room 208 for being such a wonderful group of people to spend my day with. And parents, thank YOU for your positive interactions, your sense of humour and your kind heart.  It's been a pleasure working with you all and it is my sincere hope that our paths will cross again someday.  
Have a wonderful summer!  xoxo


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