September 26, 2017

A lovely day!

We had the loveliest of days today!  Nothing fancy, just a really nice, really smooth day.  It's exciting to watch my students adapt to their new classroom, the expectations and routines. 
Let me tell you a few of the great things we're mastering in Room 208 these days! 
  • shaking hands and making eye-contact when doing so 
  • tucking in our chairs
  • copying our agendas correctly and in a timely manner 
  • transitioning from different learning areas in the room (e.g. going from our seats to the carpet, quickly and quietly)
  • washing our desks after lunch 
  • reading for a sustained period of time during the independent reading period each afternoon 
  • sitting appropriately on the carpet without reminders when I'm reading to or teaching the class 
  • using our "Portable Word-Wall" to get help with spelling unfamiliar words (see pic below) 
Parents and families, please encourage your child to continue their hard work and excellent self-regulation!  

We read (most of) a great new text this morning called "Those Shoes" by Maribeth Boelts.  It's a very relatable story and students are going to do lots of interesting writing about this text and the connections they make. This booklet is a great way for the boys and girls to learn more about what's expected of them in terms of writing in grade three.  

In Math, we started our new unit!  Students wills be reviewing addition and subtraction strategies with a bit of patterning tossed in for fun!  You can read an older post here with the big ideas and learning goals of this unit.  

This week, our focus is on addition and subtraction strategies and key words in a problem that tell us we need to add or subtract.  

And we're really coming along with a number of projects from last week!  Most students have finished up their "Popcorn Guy" and their Number-sense folders! Parents, please encourage your child to make great use of their class time. They're getting better and better at this!

And of course, like most days in Room 208, we wrapped up the day with our Brag Tag ceremony!  We love our tags!  


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