September 28, 2017

We got our slates today!

I love technology with a capital "L" but using personal dry-erase boards in the classroom has to be one of the best low-tech learning tools ever. 

On Friday, we'll have a quick mini-lesson on the life of a pioneer student. The boys and girls will learn about how all grades were in one room and all work was done on a slate. It seems fitting that given students will be learning about pioneers in our Social Studies lessons later in year, that we refer to our white boards as "slates". 

We've already had an important talk about taking care of the slates and markers, how they will be used in many ways to help students to be more successful and about how misuse will result in the slate living it up in my desk drawer for a week.  

Oh, and on Friday, we'll also talk about how the pioneer teacher would live with her students' families for a month at a time. So I thought come January/February, when we begin our unit, in order to fully immerse the students in the subject, I'll be knocking on doors. 

Ha! Just kidding! 

Unless there's cake.   


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