October 31, 2017

Halloween: 2017!

We had a wonderful day together!  We started our day by filling in the blanks to this funny Halloween story and then we shared them with the class! The great part about this is that we still have more stories to share on Wednesday! 

There were lots of treats today and even a few tricks! 

After that, we headed down to the boogie-a-thon to dance the morning away!  
I got to meet a character from my favorite movie of all time!!!

After lunch, we had some fun with a Halloween story (a true story of Halloween revenge...dun, dun, dun!) along with some stenciling fun and some spooky Witches Brew! Who would have thought that the secret ingredient was ginger ale??? Bugs blood, snail slime, pumpkin guts and then of all things...ginger ale!  Thank you to Miss Penwarden for capturing the brew-making steps for  me!  

I had some fun with the kids telling them what the color of their cup meant for their Halloween night!  I can't remember off the top of my head, but one of the cup colors meant that your Halloween candy would magically change into shoelaces at the end of the night.  Another color meant you'd have onion breath for a year.  Regardless, drinking the Witches Brew meant your Halloween was ruined with a capital "R"...LOL! 

Thank you to all the boys and girls for a terrific Halloween! I can't wait to read what students write on Wednesday morning when they complete their "Halloween Reflection"! 


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