January 08, 2018

This year is gonna rock!

Annnnd...we're back!
Just like that!
The kids looked so happy to be back at school and ready to go this morning! We have had a nice "soft start" to our week so far: nothing too heavy and lots of fun and chatting about food and favourite presents!  

We got started on a "Have a Rockin' New Year" booklet that I created for us to use during the first few days of the new year. It's great because it incorporates a bit of everything. It's perfect for getting us all back on track. 
Please note that we're going to use this resource as our "Practice Pages" for homework this week as well.  

In Math, we reviewed all of our geometry unit to date.  We talked about attributes, parallel lines, hatch marks, angles and three dimensional shapes.  We're finished that part of the unit, but this week, we'll look at one final area.  We'll take a more intense look at attributes by creating a folder that will support my students' learning. 

This afternoon, we looked at the two cookies pictured below and talked about their different attributes.  We made these charts to help us (chart A). Then,we took each cookie attribute and determined which attribute category it would fall under (chart B).    

Chart A

Chart B

We will also start working on a little craftivity called, "This year is gonna rock!" . Students are asked to write about the exciting things that the year holds for them, using prior feedback and a checklist to make sure their work is on track. 


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