May 28, 2018

Tomorrow's the day!

We had a really productive day today! We are indeed ready for the next three days, that's for sure. 

We reviewed a poem from an older EQAO assessment, we talked about how to relax and rest our minds so that our worries don't take over, and we problem solved...oh did we problem solve!  

While reviewing the poem, we realized the answers are not always right there,  so to speak. We had to really use those higher level thinking skills. I'm so glad we had this opportunity today.   

We also reviewed the following: 

  • comparative writing  
  • the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and pronouns) 
  • types of angles
  • anything divided into four equal groups can be called a "quarter" 
  • the importance of answering the question posed. For example, when asked to create your own form of transportation and explain how it will help people, make sure you don't spend the entire paragraph describing it. Be sure to answer the question fully and explain how it will indeed help people
We also talked about how we're feeling. Most children said they are: nervous, excited, confident or happy. We all agreed that it's hard to believe that EQAO time has arrived! Our school year has gone by so quickly. 

I have an extremely talented group of students in my class this year and I know they're going to do a terrific job on their booklets.  

Good luck boys and girls, we're all so proud of you!


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