January 27, 2014

You gotta hook 'em!

As part of our Writer's Workshop, the boys and girls have now learned five new ways to begin their paragraphs. We call these "hooks". A hook is a lot like a fishing rod, without the right bait, you might not catch the fish you're hoping for.  If a writer is looking to have their work read and enjoyed by many people, they too need just the right bait. 

An effective hook grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to read your work.  

The boys and girls have viewed a Powerpoint presentation I made to explain the five different hooks and the pdf below is for the student to keep in their Personal Dictionary for future use. Most of the hooks have a little set of rules that need to be followed, so having a chart like this is helpful. The students are not expected to memorize the rules for each individual hook.  

The 5 Hooks (pdf)

With five great new ways to begin our creative writing, there's no stopping us now! We're going to take our writing to a whole new level by adding hooks to all of our creative writing assignments from now on! 


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