November 18, 2014

Labels vs Captions

I looooooove this anchor chart. Great supplement when introduction informational text. (From Eberhart's Explorers)
For the last week or so, as part of Morning Message, we've been looking at the various features of non-fiction texts. Right now our focus is on the difference between labels and captions.  

I found the adorable anchor chart/poster above on Pinterest and wanted to share it with the boys and girls. This is an example of an image that has been labelled. 

The photo below of that super-handsome man is an example of one that has a caption.  
Mrs. M and her Dad!

Parents, would you please review this blog post with your children tonight (Tuesday) as they may need this review/information to help them with Practice Page #10. 

The cat poster is not mine, but I believe it belongs to this gal who has a beautiful blog!  


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