January 21, 2014

Please don't read this poem!

We're having a ball with this week's poem! I believe it's the longest one we'll do this year. I'd like the boys and girls to focus on reading with more expression for the next month or so in their home reading. This means they'll need to read aloud to either an adult or older sibling.  

This week's poem is a great one for practicing oral reading because the speaker goes through a range of emotions. They start of neutral/slightly concerned, move on to feeling frustrated, then super-angry, and then finally, acceptance. 

When reading this poem aloud in class each morning, we're really focusing not so much on the usual aspects of the text (e.g. compound words, fancy words, parts of speech, etc.) but rather, reading so that we really sound like the speaker. 

We're going to talk a lot over the next few weeks about the importance of being an entertaining and effective oral reader and this poem is a great place to start! 


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