January 21, 2014

Tuesday's Math Goals

We're getting ready for our test on Thursday! Today we reviewed our booklets (there's two small ones) and our attribute folder. Both items are coming home and can stay home to assist with test review.  

We talked about the importance of using Math vocabulary when writing about what we interpret in a graph.  

We talked about the biggest mistake people make with pictographs: they don't look at the key and assume that one item represents one.  
I helped clarify anything that was confusing or needed further explanation (e.g. some children wondered if a survey was a graph-no, that's the data and that's what you transfer to the graph). 

We also kicked off our lesson with some number games we've been playing for the last few days. These games rely on mental math skills and help students build logical reasoning and over all number sense skills. 
According to the book I'm reading, if you don't have number sense, you will really struggle with math, regardless of the type of problem. More on number sense in a future blog post.  


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