January 24, 2014

We're never "board" in 208!

Ask any Grade 3 teacher in Ontario and they'll tell you that one of the challenges of teaching an EQAO assessment grade is covering 10 months worth of curriculum in just 9 months. We have to get creative and we don't have a lot of time to spare. Sometimes this means doubling up on Math units or disguising what looks like a super-fun activity as a highly education one! 

Over the next few Fun Fridays, we're going to learn all about Probability. Probability is the last unit in the Math program (Unit 11) and needs to be covered on an "as we go" basis. Doing so keeps us on track to have the entire Math curriculum taught by mid-May. We've done lots of Probability in our Morning and Math Messages, but we're really taking it up a notch today! 

We've spent this week talking about the features of board games and now we're going to create our own. The boys and girls will each receive a template from which to work and then it's time to plan, plan, plan, their fair game.  

In the slides below, you'll see some of the features we've discussed so far. I'll be looking to see that students are planning a fair game, using their logical reasoning skills and applying the points we've discussed this week.  Be sure to check back for updates! 

When the games are finished, we'll have spend an afternoon playing one another's games!



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