November 19, 2014

A room full of super-heroes!

With so much on the go this week, it's nice to have something purposeful for the kids to work on when they finish their work. With a bigger writing assignment like a Reading Response Letter (RRL), I often have kids handing them in at varying rates.

As children finish their RRLS, they are to work on this Super-Hero activity I created. We've been having fun with labels, captions and interesting sentences.  

I thought this activity would be a fun way to combine our knowledge of labels and our skills as writers. I've made it clear to the kids that typically labels are just a word or two, but for this activity, we're going to bend the rules just a bit. 

My hope is that we'll have these posted on our bulletin board outside Room 208 in time for parent-teacher interviews on Thursday and Friday! 


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