November 16, 2014


Fun Friday was a riot!
We practiced our fluency skills by reading the alphabet according to the chart pictured. It wasn't quite as easy as it sounds!

After that, the boys and girls worked with their elbow partners on these simple little skits(pictured below). Easy enough right? 

Well old on there, fellas! 

Each set of partners received one situation. The kids could only use the letters of the alphabet to express themselves. If you walked by our room around 1:30, it sure sounded funny! 

It was all done in an effort to teach the boys and girls the importance of fluency and attending to punctuation when we read.  

Of course, it also helps students to see the connection between "it's not what you say, it's how you say it" because when you have a room full of kids using only abc, def, ghi, etc. to communicate, the emphasis really is on the "how you say it" factor in order to communicate the message.  

It was a lot of fun watching the kids present their skits to the class and then having the rest of the class try to guess what the situation might have been. In some cases, two groups had the same skit, so that made for even more interest! 

Thank you to all the boys and girls for another great week! 

We begin Week 11 on Monday and I'm looking forward to taking a little break from our POTWs and focusing more on non-fiction reading materials.  


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