November 25, 2014

Happy Like Soccer

The boys and girls have now all received their feedback from their Reading Response Letter for Swindle

We're moving on to our next assignment, which is a paragraph about an event or gift that made us happy. 

Students are expected to use the feedback from their Swindle letter and implement it in this new assignment.  

We'll be reading a story called Happy Like Soccer by Maribeth Boelts shortly, and before we even start reading the text, we're going to fire up our own prior knowledge. The boys and girls will be connected to this story before we even begin reading!

On their checklist, the boys and girls are expected to write specifically about how they've used their Swindle feedback to improve this paragraph. 

I'm also asking students to focus on the 5Ws to be certain they have included sufficient detail in their writing. 


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