November 11, 2014

So proud

The boys and girls presented a beautiful Remembrance Day Liturgy this morning. We even recorded ourselves reading our story called The Land of Many Colors so we could share it with family and other blog visitors

Unfortunately, because we recorded it in the Gym, our sound quality was very poor so we'll try it again, in classroom tomorrow and share it with you all at that time. 

We wanted to post something here on the blog tonight to share with those loved ones who could not join us today. So, since I don't have any photos or other video to share, words will have to do. 

The students did a wonderful job. It was a simple, but touching Remembrance Day service. The message "We need to remember" was the ribbon that connected all of the parts to our Liturgy. Participants young and old, were asked to go forward and use their voice to create peace. 

Later on today, I had a very special talk with my own class. It was just before dismissal and I was talking about how we are all trying to build bridges to one another. I explained that even when I'm joking with my students, I'm trying to build connections. Not a "Hey, let's play football at recess" kind of connection, but a connection nonetheless. As the clock ticked on toward 3:20, I told the boys and girls that if they laugh, smile and remember to be polite, they really have all the tools they need to be wonderful citizens and peacemakers. My mother always said your manners will take you anywhere.  

Laugh, smile and be polite. I think it's a great recipe for success.  

Thank you again to all the boys and girls in Grade Three for a very special day.    


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