November 24, 2014

Unit 1 Practice Test

We're going to have next Math test on Thursday November 27.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the boys and girls do on this. Our first two units are very long that's for sure. The rest of the Math program moves along quite quickly, with each unit running about 10-12 school days. It will be nice to pick up the pace and move on to our next unit of study, which is Unit 3: Geometry. 

As with all Math units, I've created a Practice Test for students to complete at home.  

It's really important to note that we still have to cover two sections in preparing for this test: ordinal numbers and identifying numbers by their base-ten-names (e.g. 341 is three hundreds, four tens, one one). We've done a lot of work with ordinal numbers this year, but we haven't done any problem solving using them, so that's going to be our focus this week. 

We'll do lots of review this week and if necessary, we can move the test to Friday, but I'm aiming for Thursday.  

Unit 1: Practice Test  

Here's a link to the answer key for this test: 

Unit 1: Answer Key to Practice Test


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