March 30, 2015

An introduction to fractions

We began Unit 8 of the Grade Three Math program today. We're talking all about fractions in this unit.

The boys and girls learned that: 

  • fractions are all about making equal groups (just like multiplication and division) 
  • a fraction has a numerator and a denominator
  • the larger the denominator, the smaller the fractional piece
  • fractional names include: halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths and so on 
  • we don't say "halfs"; instead, the correct word is: halves

March 27, 2015

Friday Funnies!

It's been quite a week!
We had a ball looking at photos from everyone's March Break, learned about gist answers and the meaning of the word improvise.  The kids wrote their unit 6 Math test (it was out of 66! Sixty-six!!!) and they made great progress in their Dave paragraphs (can't wait for you to read those!).  

We also had some very funny moments. 
Here are some of the comments I overheard this week and managed to write down to share with you. 

After teaching the kids about what we mean by the word improvise, I did a few demonstrations with some volunteers from the audience.  It was a lot of fun and we had lots of laughs. Shortly after that lesson, it was announced that it would be indoor recess.  

Moments later during recess, I asked a group of girls what they were doing. Their response:  "We're playing improvise." 

During that same recess, I also overheard a group of boys discuss how all girls ever talk about is their lipstick. 

Me: How did the waiter know it was your birthday?
Child: Well, I didn't tell him. I wrote it on my iPad and kind of slid it in front of him so he would know.  

Just two of the hilarious responses to the last question on this week's
POTW test!

I found Dave at TJ Maxx in Florida! :D

I have loved orchids for years. This is the one
my Mother bought me for Easter last year.  I have
never been able to get one to re-bloom and since plants
do so well in our class, I thought "why not?" and look!
We'll have flowers very soon! 

One of the posts from our deck looks as done with
winter as I am! 

I was given a very thoughtful gift earlier this
week by a student in our class!
Like many kids in the 80s, I LOVED my Smurfs!

March 24, 2015

Practice Page #21

This is the students' Practice Page for tonight.  
It will assist them in preparing for Thursday's Unit 6 Math test. 

March 23, 2015

Using context clues to solve unfamiliar words

As part of our Morning Messages this month, we're looking at how we can use context clues to help us with unfamiliar words. We all come upon words we don't know and as adults, we probably don't even realize we do it, but we use the clues in the text to help us figure out what the mystery word might be. 

I'm not talking about how to pronounce the word, I'm talking about figuring out what the word itself means or refers to.  

To make this a little fun, we have been using the clues provided in the paragraphs below to help us figure out what a hoopananny or a snoozawozzle (or whatever!) might be! 

It's been really effective doing this on the Smartboard, because we are able to circle the actual words and clues in the paragraph that were helpful in solving the mystery.  

March 17, 2015

March Break Fun!

No matter what your plans are, everyone loves the March Break! I'm asking my students to take a photo of their March Break fun and send the photo (just one please!) to 

When we return from the Break, the boys and girls will present their photo to their classmates.  It doesn't have to be a photo of anything fancy, a favourite meal, new shoes, a great afternoon, or even a trip to the Library is what this is all about!  

Students are encouraged to know all the details of their photo so they can answer their classmates' questions. 

These photos will be shared only in our classroom on the Smartboard and will not be reprinted or published anywhere else (e.g. on Smugmug). 

Please be advised that the above email address is not monitored for correspondence and should be used only for the purpose of sending the photo. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing March Break!  

March 13, 2015

March Break Shopping?

Parents, while you're out and about over the March Break, if it's possible, would you pick your child up a set of good quality new markers? Many of their sets have dried up and while I am happy to share my own, even those are ready to be replaced. 
It would be great if everyone started back with a great set of good quality markers (not "dollar store" please).  

March 12, 2015

Thursday's Homework

The boys and girls have the page pictured below for homework. They are reminded to read the instructions carefully! ;) 

March 10, 2015

Fabric Softener Capacity

Parents, would you please watch this video I've created with your child? It's about understanding capacities where there are decimals. We have already watched it in class, but it would be great for parents and kids to watch it again together. 

While this concept isn't part of the Grade Three curriculum, it's a "real world" learning opportunity and also gives my students a bit of an edge when they learn about it in future grades.

March 09, 2015


While still solving problems related to money and the calendar, we've moved on to the next section of our Measurement Unit: Capacity.

Today, the boys and girls learned more about the litre and the millilitre.  They already had a good start thanks to their work in their Quarter Folders a few weeks ago. 

For the rest of this week and likely the week after the break, students will be solving problems related to all things capacity and mass!   

March 05, 2015

Tonight's Homework

Just in case, here's what the kids need to do for homework on Thursday night in their Easter booklets. Students also understand that if they are unable to get their homework done, they must ask Mom or Dad to write a note in the agenda.    

March 03, 2015

Tuesday's Homework

Just in case any of my students have forgotten which two pages in their Easter booklet they are to do for homework tonight, here they are: 

Please note: the match for the word "doesn't"
is "do not" (should say "does not" -a typo on my part) 

Use your iPad to support your child in Math at home!

Here's a link to a great list of ways parents can use their iPads to support Math learning at home.  Many of these would be especially beneficial for those students who would benefit from nightly review of Mathematical concepts.  

Math Fun with iPads


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