May 07, 2015

Save the date!

The dates have been set and the kids in Room 208 are well on their way to success! We've worked so hard to prepare for EQAO since September and day-after-day, I am so proud of the work my students produce.  

Over the next few weeks, we have review work to do along with new material to cover before the big day arrives. Consistent attendance and arrival to school on time will be essential in order to minimize disruption to the students' learning environment. 

In Math, we'll be writing our Unit 9 test and then moving on to Unit 10, where students will learn about patterns in numbers and geometry.  In writing, we'll focus on story writing using the said/replied/said method of dialogue. In reading, we're going to continue to review features of non-fiction texts and then look at the features of a poem. 

It's a fair bit to cover, but I'm very confident we'll get it all checked off our list before the big week.  

I'm asking parents and students to keep up with the blog as there will be lots of helpful information to support student success posted here.  Home review and discussion is essential for academic success all year long, but it is especially critical over the next few weeks. 


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