May 11, 2015

Week 33 has arrived!

Education week kept us hopping last week! We had parents visiting, the walk to Mass on Wednesday and a great RAD assembly on Friday. The busy week meant we weren't quite able to get to all I had planned for the boys and girls. We'll do a little bit of catch-up throughout the week and that *could* mean we use the recording of our News Report as our breaks throughout the week and devote Fun Friday(the afternoon) to getting our other work done. 

We'll sort of "play it by ear", as they say.  It's hard to believe that it's already week 33.  This means there are just 7 weeks left. Seven weeks! Doesn't it seem like yesterday that it was just the SEVENTH week of school?! 

I hope all the moms in Room 208 had a great Mother's Day! It was really sweet on Friday afternoon when students wished me a Happy Mother's Day as they headed out for the weekend. I reminded them that I'm not actually a mom! But I was quickly corrected because I'm their "Mom at school" (something I actually say all the time!).  I think my smile was brighter than that beautiful Friday afternoon sun! 


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