May 23, 2015

We're ready to go!

The boys and girls worked really hard last week to get ready for this coming Tuesday. To fine tune those writing skills, they worked on responding to questions from a story I wrote called "Penny Returns". They had to provide evidence from the text for most of the questions and their writing was off the charts! 
Page 1 of  "Penny Returns" 

Three of the six questions students responded to. 

Students also learned about mode and solved this problem: 

We reviewed the different types of writing we have practiced this year along with all the different ways we use quarters/fourths in Grade Three. 

I also taught my students the "Parts of Speech" song. Not to worry if you were away last week, we'll practice it again on Monday. But in the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the lyrics. 

And on top of all this, we still managed to have a ball at Jigga Jump on Friday (I think they're calling it "Jiggy-Jump" now) AND we have just about wrapped up Unit 10 in Math!  

Like an athlete preparing for the big event, my students have really worked hard in the last 34 weeks. It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting them down on the carpet to tell them about this "thing" that was coming in May and now here we are! 

We have one more day to review and then we're off with our sharp pencils and minds packed with knowledge and great skills!  Good luck 208, we're all so proud of you!  


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