March 27, 2017

Water-color Masterpieces!

Fun Friday was extra fun last week! The boys and girls revisited the miracles of Jesus and then learned how to draw a fish! From there, they learned how to use water-color paints and enjoyed an afternoon of painting.  

As you can see, their work is beautiful. The boys and girls learned all kinds of important problem solving skills through this activity and in the end, they were so proud of their paintings.  

Through this activity, students not only learned new skills (how to draw a fish, manage paints and choose the right brush for a specific job) but they also learned about the importance of keeping their pictures fairly simple to accommodate the unique characteristics of water-color paints, thinking critically about what we want the end product to look like before we even start a task, following (and listening to) instructions closely, along with persevering with a challenge. 

One child even commented that they enjoyed our afternoon because everyone was so positive! Now that really warmed my teacher heart!  


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