January 15, 2018

Attributes of...deliciousness!

Fun Friday was so much fun and oh so delicious!  
It was Puzzle Day aaaannnnddd we made bread!  As part of our discussion of the types of attributes this week, I surprised the kids with a tasty treat!  
This week, we've learned about the eight or so ways you can describe an object. It's a starter list and we know there are many other ways you might be able to describe the features and attributes of an item.  I wanted the boys and girls to really understand and retain what we mean by "What is the item's state of matter?"  I explained that the bread-making process takes us through all three: liquid, gas and solid.  

So after we talked about the states of matter that our bread would experience and then off we went to enjoy Puzzle Day! Imagine the fun we had working together on puzzles while our bread baked!  We put the bread in around 11:00 and then three hours later,  we enjoyed a delicious, warm treat after the puzzles were completed! 

Room 208 was certainly the place to be last Friday! 


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