February 07, 2018

Put a little love in your heart!

Recently, we've been talking and reading about vulnerable members of our community and how we can support them.  After talking about the meaning of the word "vulnerable person", we put our heads together and brainstormed.  We came up with quite a list.  

After that, students began a writing piece about which vulnerable group they were especially passionate about and how they could support them better.  The results were very touching.  

Students are either finished or near-finished their paragraphs and they're wonderful.  I am so proud of my class. I think this is their finest work yet.  They were charged with not only writing a paragraph with key content information, but they also had to implement feedback from earlier tasks and pay attention to conventions.  This is a "complete package", if you will. I'm going to display their work in our room for a week or two and then I'll send it home to be shared with families.  


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