March 09, 2018

Memories from our week

It's time to clean up my phone and share some great photos from our week with you!  
Week 25 was a busy and productive one for the kids in room 208! 

We worked in our St. Patrick's Day booklet which not only help develop reading and writing skills,
the questions are designed to prepare students for EQAO. 

We even looked at solving problems related to probability this week! 

Alessandro put his glasses on his Smurf to make him look more grumpy! LOL! 

Daniel brought in his beautiful Smurf portrait! Great job Daniel!

We had lots of fun with our Leprechaun directed drawing on Thursday! 

We had fun sharing the picture in our mind we made while reading the story
in the St. Patrick's day booklet. 

As part of our measurement unit, we worked with partners to problem solve! 

When the problems were finished, we displayed them and did a gallery walk to look at one another's work! 

Earlier in the week, we shared our announcements for our fantasy school clubs! The announcement had to grab the listener's attention and include the who,what, where, when and why details. 


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